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Tropical Paradise Bundle
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Tropical Paradise Bundle

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Tropical Paradise is our Best Seller for a reason! 😍🏝🥭

Imagine being on an island soaking up the sun with your feet up… your eyes are closed and you’re enjoying the breeze…. That’s what this scent does, takes you on a vacation! 🏝

3 step process for smooth, soft and glowing skin: 😌💚

1. Buff away dead skin cells and make way for new and improved SMOOTH skin with our Body Scrub.

2. Moisturize with our Body Butter for SOFT and hydrated skin.

3. Seal the moisture with our Body Oil for long lasting SOFT skin.

This 3 step process will assure gorgeous & glowing skin. ✨

Ladies, it’s seriously the bomb!! This bundle is seriously a must! You need to add this bundle to your skin care routine. Grab yours now. 🥰

Enjoy the convenience, nourishment, and stress relief, this natural body moisturizer bundle will bring to your skin and well-being.

This bundle will give you the ultimate pamper time experience! 

Bundles include: Body Scrub (8oz), Body Butter (8oz) and Body Oil (4oz).

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